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Gold Standard GAMSAT Practice
Question of the Day

GAMSAT Question of the Day will focus on one practice question taken from a specific GAMSAT subject each day. If there is a diagram in the explanation which does not show in your browser, just click on the part that you can see, and it will become visible. Alternatively, you can refresh the page and wait for the image to load properly. Note: the real GAMSAT only has 4 options per question.

These GAMSAT practice questions are meant to build basic skills (verbal and geometric reasoning, graph/table interpretation, essay writing, dimensional analysis, etc.) that you are expected to have for the real exam. Keep in mind that most real GAMSAT questions are preceded by stimulus material (i.e. a passage; to sample our practice questions based on passages, click here: Free GAMSAT Practice Test). If you have not reviewed your sciences yet, consider watching one of our 300+ science review videos (there is a sample one at the bottom of this page) before trying to answer our science practice questions.

If you want to discuss today’s sample question or any GAMSAT-related topic, please post below. To attend our next free problem-based webinar, kindly check the details in our news blog. Our current edition GAMSAT textbooks have been completely revised - covering all 3 GAMSAT sections thoroughly - and are now available through our Gold Standard GAMSAT website or through your local uni bookshop. We hope that you will continue to find our content helpful. Good luck with your studies!

Have you forgotten your basic Chemistry?

Or, ready to learn GAMSAT Chemistry for the first time?

Consider watching an introduction to GAMSAT stoichiometry below. Over the last few months, Gold Standard GAMSAT has added hours of new teaching videos - from very basic to advanced science topics - to our already extensive collection at (currently we have an unrivalled 70+ hours of videos with helpful teaching). Many of our new videos also include GAMSAT sample questions. You can open a free GAMSAT practice test account to watch another hour of the videos of your choice, or join one of our GAMSAT courses to have unlimited access to our video library during your subscription period. Come learn from our experience.

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