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Great GAMSAT Prep Material!

I think [Gold Standard GAMSAT] is a great book to have as a resource for directing your study... to take you through the things you’re going to need to know especially for science, definitely get a Gold Standard GAMSAT.

Review By: Thomas Kelly, MD program (Doctor of Medicine) - Class of 2017, University of Melbourne

Useful GAMSAT Prep Pack

I came from a background of both. . . a Biomedicine, which I did at the University of Melbourne and I’ve also done most of the Bachelor of Arts, Journalism degree, at Monash University. So, I did feel well relatively prepared in terms of the arts and sciences. But things like Physics, and I barely done any Chemistry - they were definitely areas that I had to work on. For this, I actually bought . . . the Gold Standard GAMSAT preparation pack. It was mostly because I was just really overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to study. . . and I really just wanted some guidance. . . I felt like it was very useful and combining that with my university studies, I really did on the day pretty well covered content-wise on my exam paper.

Review By: Renae M. Thomas, 4th year Medical Student (GAMSAT: 97th percentile), Monash University GEM

Gold Standard GAMSAT Review of Home Study Course: 5-star rating, Really Great Prep

I used this to prepare for my GAMSAT and found it really helpful. I started studying at the beginning of a 3 month summer break an was a bit dismayed to find that this book recommended at least 6 months! However I come from a science background and in the end managed to fit it comfortably into the 3 months. This kit was indispensable. The book guides you through your revision, it outlines the different sections of the exam clearly with plenty of examples. The essay section was particularly helpful. The essays have to be written in a very small amount of time and so his guide to structuring to include all that was needed whilst demonstrating strong grammar, spelling and well constructed arguments meant that I only wrote 1 side of A4 for each question and yet still received a really high mark for the essay section. The DVDs were also really helpful. The guy presenting them, Dr. Brett, is like the really cool science teacher who you never had but always wish you had. He has a really soothing voice and amicable manner so even on those days when I really didn't feel like studying, he still made me learn things. The flash cards were also really useful, I'd take them to work, on the journeys, use them with dinner. Really useful way to check your learning. I got a good enough score to get me 3 interviews and I am now starting med school at my first choice in September. This kit made a really challenging exam a lot less painless and I'd really recommend it if you're taking on the GAMSAT.

Review By: Username: Philosophae, Amazon UK

Gold Standard GAMSAT Review of GAMSAT Courses: A Course That Really Delivers!

I would like to say thank-you to Dr. Ferdinand and everyone at the Gold Standard GAMSAT-prep for providing an excellent course that enabled me to prepare for this year's GAMSAT exam. As a part of my preparation for the GAMSAT, I completed the Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation Home Study Course. I also attended both of the live GAMSAT courses (i.e. Science Review and Practice GAMSAT Exam) that Dr. Ferdinand conducted in Brisbane. The combination of the Gold Standard textbook, science videos and practice tests provided a comprehensive review of the science concepts that are examined in Section 3. The theory explanations in the Physics videos, the online practice questions and all of the practice exams were especially helpful because I have not studied Physics before. In addition, the review of Physics questions by Dr. Ferdinand in both of the live courses was clear and targeted to the material examined on the real GAMSAT exam. Thank you Dr. Ferdinand! At the live courses, Dr. Ferdinand asked us to let him know how we went in the exam so I just wanted to share my results with you. I received an overall GAMSAT score of 72 with individual scores of 73, 68 and 74 in sections 1, 2 and 3, respectively. I feel that the preparation provided by the Gold Standard course has enabled me to achieve this score. I cannot thank Dr. Ferdinand (and everyone at GAMSAT-prep) enough for providing a course that really delivers! Many thanks again!

Review By: Hannah Wilson, BA Applied Sciences, Queensland University of Technology

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Complete Package

The [Gold Standard] GAMSAT Prep package is an invaluable studying tool because it allows for an efficient preparation and enables me to apply his strategies to its fullest extent.

Review By: Theo Mahendradatta, former President. Student of Medical Science Society (SMSSOC) UNSW, Sydney

Thank You Gold Standard!

All I can say is thank you Gold Standard and Dr Ferdinand! From the comprehensive text book, to the online tests, videos and forum Gold Standard played a huge part in my 74 GAMSAT 2011 score. I advise any GAMSAT candidates to make use of the invaluable service that is Gold Standard. Thanks again.

Review By: M.C, Medical Student, University of Western Australia (UWA)

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook

This is more than an answer book! I know - you look at the GAMSAT questions online and freak out... I did, everyone I know did too! However, after reading into this book for around 20 minutes I suddenly got my med-school mojo back. This book motivates and reinvigorates from page one by understanding the vast array of emotions the graduate applicant to medical school will experience. Not only will you learn the fundamental of sciences and social sciences needed to negotiate the exam, but you will realise that becoming a doctor is not just a career change, it's a lifestyle change! Read novels critically, consider all sides to an argument from local council disputes to Governmental debate, put all that we do into a social context (politics) and a nation-wide / global context (Politics) and understand the physical science that make up our world.

If that isn't all, the book also includes sane advice on medical school interviews - no mention of fairytale scenarios that you may hear from contemporaries - just cool collected experienced advice.

More importantly, it explains that if you remain cool and approach the exam logically and DON'T PANIC, you will probably do well. Make use of the 10 hours free online help and you will ease into this exam with no worries.

I have not sat the exam yet but I am already thankful for the feeling of excitement and anticipation of studying medicine once again.

Review By: N. T. Southorn (Amazon UK)

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook

Great book, really makes everything seem so much easier. Thank you!

Review By: Rita Sabbagh

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Complete Package

Great book, but you need DVD's with it, because some info is too detailed. I would also recommend to do the courses: science review and practice test with review on Its well worth it.

Review By: Tina Kelly

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Science Review DVDs

Fast postage, Product makes learning a lot easier. Recommended seller

Review By: Holly Rumsey

Excerpts from PagingDr Forum Posts

GAMSAT Result  
Section 1 score: 60
Section 2 score: 64
Section 3 score: 77
Overall Score: 69
Percentile (approximately): 95
Before the GAMSAT  
What I did right: Dr Ferdinand Course for section 3
What I could have done better: Got my essays checked

University of Queensland Medical Student

From: Post

GAMSAT Result  
Section 1 score: 70
Section 2 score: 73
Section 3 score: 70
Overall Score: 70
Percentile (approximately): 93
Before the GAMSAT  
What I did right: Gold standard book Took a week off work just before the exams Did lots of point form essays for different topics
What I could have done better: Probably started revising earlier - much earlier XD

University of Sydney Medical Student

From: Post

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